A Turkey Day Toast To The Male Harem

Wild Turkey Hunting.

Wild Turkey Hunting.

With the season of the turkey upon us, 45 million are about to be sacrificed at the altar of familial harmony this Thanksgiving. But as America gathers round the holiday table – moms and dads, grandparents and in-laws, exes and step-kids – to carve up and devour the stuffed and tethered foul, The Sultanette gratefully raises a glass to the members of The Male Harem who have so nourished her life. Not a turkey among them!

That’s not to say that a few turkeys haven’t infiltrated the harem along the way. And so I first offer some helpful tips for recognizing the genus meleagris, in the hope that learning from my mistakes, you may avoid similar pitfalls. Read more . . .


The Sultanette And The City

LATEST EPISODE: Pheromones released at a downtown gallery make for an orgy of creative intercourse on a November Sunday afternoon.

NewYorkNYSkylineBlimpIn case you were thinking that the life of The Sultanette is all high glam and male attentions put yourself in her stilettos on a bleak and solitary Sunday afternoon in November when the first icy winds signal the end of the City’s world-class autumn weather. Still clinging to that fantasy, I’d foolishly worn only a thin leather jacket to make the subway trek to the Lower East Side. Read more . . .


In Praise Of Being A Loser In Love

“I weary in this playground of boys proud and happy in their balls and marbles.”

Margaret Fuller

Joe Mabel.

Joe Mabel.

Full disclosure: The Male Harem was born out of heartbreak and emotional mayhem. More on that after we cut to the chase – the sense of failure, abandonment, and incompetency at not getting it right after love is lost. The Big Ouch. Perhaps most of you have breezed right through that but for those who haven’t, The Sultanette offers inspiration in the life of Margaret Fuller.

Brilliantly documented by Cristina Nehring in A Vindication of Love, while Margaret Fuller’s accomplishments were vast, acknowledged, and esteemable, her love life was a series of train wrecks. Read more . . .


Notice: To Those With An Appetite For More

images-1The Sultanette has been knee-deep in a tantalizing foray that strikes to the marrow of Male Harem maintenance: The fine art of kicking ass and taking names, mainly her own. So as I hit a new stride, I offer a tempting assortment of new topics to tease you along this precarious, erotic and invigorating path of self-discovery.

imgres-1Stay tuned fellow chain-jerkers, chop-busters, and cage-rattlers for future confections to chew on including: the joy of risk (savored only when you discover what’s next after you think you’ve lost everything); the exquisite pain of happiness (nirvana being not all it’s cut out to be); the power of making a world-class exit (only one carry-on of emotional baggage, please); and the thrill of cerebral foreplay (synapses and the single girl). Read more . . .