A Miracle Pill for Marital Bliss? Depends On How You Swallow It.

Fish_Oil_CapsulesA warning to all women in long-term relationships. According to The New York Times you are suffering from HSDD (hypoactive sexual-desire disorder) registered in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder as SIAD (sexual interest/arousal disorder) and otherwise known to The Sultanette as POFB (plain old fucking boredom). To wit, you’re “tired of sex” with your partner and you need a pill.

If you doubt this, be assured by the Times’ images of gently aging women copping clueless poses that accompany last May’s Sunday magazinepiece by Daniel Bergner, “Unexcited? There May Be A Pill For That.” Apologies for not reporting this late-breaking news sooner but since it’s an indisputable fact that we women have sluggish sex drives, what’s another few months of abstinence? Read more . . .


The Sultanette Offers Tax Advice – Straight Up And Very Dry

Dinner Series, Wikimedia.

Dinner Series, Wikimedia.

It’s not all louche living for The Sultanette. Every year come April it’s piper-paying time when I’m forced to abandon my strict code of ethics and embroider the truth for unsexy people, i.e. have a come-to-Jesus with the IRS who could care less about The Male Harem.

But over the years I’ve developed surefire ways to streamline tax preparation which I share with you now so that we can all get on with the business of work and play and trust congress to misappropriate our hard-earned money for another year. Read more . . .